Five Tips For A Better Sex Life

The title of the article sounds quite funny. Another five tips for a better sex life? You already read dozens of other tips on this subject. Certainly, the Internet is full of guides, tips and other such articles. But it would not be wrong to recap the five most important issues related to the improvement of sexual life. Attention, the article is addressed to men.

Extend the duration of sexual intercourse.

Even though “wham bam thank you mam” type of sex is sometimes enjoyable, women do not reach orgasm as quickly as men. The inner mechanism of women needs time to reach the climax. Studies of sexologists show that the optimal duration for a sexual act (from a woman’s point of view) is about 20 minutes. So be careful. Learn to delay your ejaculation through specific exercises and work out your physical condition if you get tired quickly.

Don’t skip foreplay.

Foreplay is the foundation of a successful sexual act. If biologically, men are made to function “optimally” even in the absence of the prelude, women need it to be satisfied. The most effective prelude is clitoral stimulation, which can be done through oral sex or using your fingers. Don’t forget about kisses, hugs and other small gestures of tenderness that can stimulate your partner’s sexual appetite. Remember that foreplay is half of the sexual act itself. Read here more about the clitoris and its role in female orgasm.

Listen to your partner.

Whether it is sexual positions, fantasies or various other issues in this particular area, always listen to what the partner has to say. This way, you will discover a new dimension of your sexual life, which you did not know existed before. Without good communication, the couple’s sexual life will be slowly and gradually ruined.

Get out of the bedroom.

Often, it is good to leave the comfort zone of the bedroom. Ask her to have sex in less ordinary places. If she is a person who does not like sex in semi-public places, at least try to excite her good enough that once you get home, both of you will be ready for action. Don’t rush, remember the first two points discussed here. You can find in the house other places to have sex, outside the bedroom.

Both of you should learn the power of a good massage.

Massage is a key element in the relaxation of the body. At certain times, a good massage can successfully take the place of foreplay. Learn both how to give a massage and take into account everyone’s preferences. These small gestures of attention matter a lot in the healthy evolution of a couple’s sex life.

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