Male Enhancement Pills – Do they work?

The first and easiest method for penis enlargement is by taking the so called “penis pills”, or “male enhacement pills”. But the question on everyone’s lips is: do these pills really work? Or is everything a big scam?
The answer to the question in the title comes with several variants.

Powerful erections vs Enlargement Surgery

Obviously, when we refer to any method of penis enlargement, we must think about whether biologically this is possible or not with pills only. Well, the logical answer is NO. The pills have no way to effectively, physically, increase the size of a penis.

But let’s not jump to conclusions. We know, from several studies, that the size of a penis is given by:

  • the actual physical size of the penis
  • the power of erection

As is known, the size of the flaccid penis does not correlate with the size of the erect penis. We are interested in having a large penis at the time of erection. But here things are a little different. If we take two penises of different sizes in the flaccid state, it is very possible that the small one will surpass the big one in erectile condition. Therefore, the power of erection is what makes the difference in most cases.

How to get potent erections

As stated above, the potency of the erection (how big the penis becomes during an erection) is the key factor in satisfying the partner. And in this case, pills (VigRX, for example) can greatly help you get harder erections.

What about surgery?
Penis enlargement surgery is an invasive procedure that involves high risks and countless side effects. Do you really want to try this? The cost, but also the thought that you can get ugly scars in the genital area, should make you think twice.

With the help of the pills you will be able to offer your partner a more satisfying sexual act. Moreover, you’ll improve your self-image and lead a life devoid of major sexual frustrations.

Male enhancement pills (formerly known as penis enlargement pills) can provide stronger and longer lasting erections. Through a unique mix of natural ingredients, today’s pills can effectively help you achieve a strong erection.

But does size matter?

It depends on whom you ask. For men, size matters the most. It is a matter of male pride and the perception of men about their own penises will not change too soon.
If you ask women, things get a bit complicated: some will say that size does not matter, others will say that thickness is more important than length and others will say that size really matters.

In order to stay in the safe zone, it is good to take care at least of the erection level. A full and strong erection will always be preferred to a soft penis.

A strong erection can be obtained by taking male sexual supplements, but not any. In this area, there are manufacturers who have developed different products for sexual enhancement for men. For example, not all are FDA-approved. It is good to limit your options to products that are already known on the market and are recommended by real doctors.

In conclusion, male enhancement pills will increase your penis size during erection and improve your sex life. But will you walk around with a monster in your pants? Definitely not. But that’s not the idea. A strong, long-lasting erection is always preferred over a large penis, but not hard enough.

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